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The key to Luna is that she has that unbelievably rare quality of actually not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of her. Now, if we as adults say honestly how many people we’ve known like that I think very many of us would say uh none! And Luna’s like that. She doesn’t actually care. She’s so comfortable with being different. She’s fearless.

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It’s been a long while since I did anything on here, I’ve been very busy..mostly watching Netflix.  But anyway, I went on HuffPo (Huffington Post, y’all) today and I understand so hard now why people who read the news are more depressed.  Between the violence, wars, famine, disease, economy, there is now an entire section devoted to divorce.  I clicked because I’m a curious idiot.

One article that caught my eye was advertised on the site as ‘Why Infidelity is Good for Marriage’


When you actually click on the link the title changes to ‘Healing After Infidelity’ so the first is a disgusting sensationalist lookatme lookatme title.  But the article is about forgiving someone after they have cheated on you.  I believe in second chances and all that and people should do what they want, especially if you have kids, but what made me most angry were the comments blaming the people who were cheated on.  

One fun guy says this:

"1.) Did you pick a nice man who would treat you well? Who loves himself enough to keep his given word to himself, and thus to you? Who loves himself enough to expect you will treat him well? Girls who do not like themselves like bad boys. Women who like themselves like nice men.

2.) Did you keep yourself looking attractive and in shape? Do you have a problem with the fact that men are naturally attracted to the most fertile female shapes… and that shape is about 25 -35 pounds lighter than the average American woman. When you ask, “Honey does this dress make me look fat… do you already know the answer? Is that his fault? Do you want him to lie?
3.) Did you happily, willingly, and often nurture his natural and correct desire for love in the form of sex? Are you angry with the fact that when he began looking for a mate he said to the 6 billion people on Earth, “Everyone with a penis to the left and everyone with a vagina to my right,” and then he focused on his right? Do the implicatio­ns of that make you angry or uncomforta­ble? Is that his fault?If you satisfied the above three conditions you probably are not reading this article. (Life is not perfect so please let us admit that and come to terms with it. Let us not focus on exceptions­.) 

If you did not satisfy these three points but do see merit in them then you are on your way to, “healing after infidelity­.”
If you would like to project your own shortcomin­gs and lack of ability or desire to maintain responsibi­lity for your choices and the forthcomin­g consequenc­es then the worst of feminism provides all the talking points you will need. Let me help get you started.

I do not want to be viewed as a sex object. You should love me regardless of how much I weigh or what I look like. Your need for me to be sexually attractive dehumanize­s me and is wrong. I get to decide what my needs are as an independen­t woman and how often you will meet them. I also get to decide what your needs are and how often they will be met. If you want sex daily and I am happy with it weekly/mon­thly then we will compromise in middle and you will be happy. We will not apply this same standard to my needs. Ad nauseam. I wish you all the luck your position merits.”

AHHH!  What a douche bag of crap in a dumpster of lies.  Why do people think like this???  It is your fault that someone else is a piece of crap.  You should have known better and not gotten involved because you’re psychic and clearly knew the guy you married was a loser even though he covered it up pretty well.  Someone’s need for nookie with a hot bod clearly is more important than honesty and communication. 

If you’re that concerned with having sex with someone who is nice looking, tell your prospective partner BEFORE you get married.  Just say, “Honey, if you don’t stay in shape after we get married, I will probably cheat on you” and there, everything’s out in the open and they can dump your ass without having to go through marriage to begin with.  

I am all for people staying in shape, I exercise because endorphins are awesome and I have more energy and yes, I look nice.  But if someone ever told me to exercise for them, I would not take it well.  Using that as an excuse for cheating is just disgusting.  

Tips for Relationship Life:

1) If you have a problem/needs aren’t being met, speak up or take action to get them met within the relationship

2) If you feel the need to cheat, you might as well end the relationship respectfully and find someone else

3) It is appropriate to cheat when your partner doesn’t let you end the relationship (this is illegal and unlikely) and/or if your partner doesn’t care if you tell them “I’m going to go cheat on you tonight”

Just be honest, you idiots.

Ohhh lack of sleep and anger

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